Sunday, August 3, 2008

Girl meets Boy

Once upon a time there was a girl who met a boy. The girl worked. The boy worked harder. Soon after they met, the girl fell in love. The boy was exhausted from working. After a while it was obvious that there was going to be little time to talk; the girl was sad.

Moral of the story: Work sucks.

We shouldn't have to plan our days down to the minute. Packing in anything and everything that can fit. Wake-up, shower, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work some more, work-out, eat dinner, work some more, and maybe talk to your significant other five minutes before you both fall asleep. Out of those ten things listed as a daily routine, more than half involve a "work" of sorts. Life is work... I get that. But you think the ultimate higher being would have given us a little more play time. My life is definitely ready for a little vacation. Maybe it will take away this bitterness.

....But in the meantime... I think I'm going to go work.

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Doobie Star said...

Well said! Hope you relax on vacation! Go out to eat and sleep late! I love your background and pics!