Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Blues!

The wind is blowing over 50 mph and the temperature has dropped to single digits. The sun shines for about 30 minutes in the morning before the clouds hide it away. Winter. Will it never end?

I am not close to being an optimistic person and the winter season has made it more and more difficult to find something even semi-cheerful to focus on. My nerves have been filed down to nothingness. The little patience I once had has disappeared. To say the least... when I get in a bad mood... I'm in a REALLY bad mood.

Now, today started off poorly to begin with. I woke up extremely early for work. I wanted to eat a bowl of cereal before I left... but there was no milk. No breakfast.... awesome. Luckily work went by fairly quickly. When I got home... there were a few other unpleasant surprises waiting for me. I had a nice lunch and prepared ingredients for dinner. THEN I had to go to a work party. That was riveting. Especially since spouses were not invited. I made an appearance and ducked out as soon as possible. When I got home I ate dinner and played a game of scrabble. The game actually turned out to be a cut-throat match that left me and my hunny livid. We're not competitive at all... And now there is silence in my house. And as for tonight... silence isn't golden.

All of the things listed above are quite petty. But the frustrating part is that I do have happy, positive things going on in my life. However, the second I try to focus on them... even those dreams are crushed by those around me.

After all of this is said...

Dear Winter,

I've had enough of you. You can go now and invite your cheerful flower acquaintances to spring to life. And keep in mind that if your little groundhog friend doesn't see his shadow on February 2nd, you should sleep with one eye open.

With Love,

Millie The Meegrim (MTM)

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